Once a farmer, always a farmer?

I will have a seat by my farm, video-recorder in hand, patiently waiting to capture the first sprouts.

  Photo by Eugene M.

Photo by Eugene M.

“I am away, praying for rain to pour down on the seeds, to wake them up.”

  Photo Eileen O

Photo Eileen O

Those were some of the responses I received, after I paused a question in my last blog post, on what farmers do after they are done planting seeds. Fair enough, at least the photos will be a first.

On my side, we completed the planting of seeds and seedlings over two evenings. We have since visited the farm only once.

Is farming all that I do, on a 80X40 plot? Not really. I wake up five days a week and hurry to my desk. The farming is mainly an evening or weekend activity. We currently have an extended daylight to play with, with the sun setting just before 10:00 pm.

On the 24th of May, the sky turned grey and rain poured down, in the form of a storm. The next day, the sky was clear and blue. I touched the soil and wondered why we had planted a week earlier; the soil felt moist enough to dig and plant. Which I did.

I walked to the backyard and prepared my small garden, a 5X12 plot initially set up for flowers. I planted seeds for carrots, tomatoes and leafy onions.

Two days later, I missed the nice weather outside, so I found something nice to do, admired my strawberry plant then mowed grass while achieving some physical exercise.

Have you planted, or plan to plant fruits and vegetables? What is stopping you?

Have you ever tried to watch crops sprout, or grow? Want to share your experience? It will be fascinating to many people.