I have published six books since June 2016.

Novels in the Africa's Billionaire Heirs series. 

I use the fictitious Broaders and Marko families to develop novels/novellas centered on the theme of change, transition and integration, as Africa urbanizes.

A few families in Africa made their money during independence in the 1950s and 1960s. Those individuals married and raised children in opulence. Subsequently, some of their children gained a culture of working hard, while others did not see the need.

The owners of vast business empires are facing their sunset years, a time to panic, who will inherit and continue with their enterprises.

On the opposite end are many citizens wallowing in poverty. Through years of struggle, some bought into the idea that education would open doors to a better life, Marko, Sophia’s father being one of them.

Marko is in unfathomable debt, but content that his daughter has graduated from the national university. Will Sophia bring the expected change?

There are struggles, and there is happiness. Broaders and his five sons; Michael, James, Bill, Richie, and Nick; are on a journey, enjoying life as they have always known it, amid change in the larger environment. The ongoing change tests what the Broaders family knows about working fathers, stay-at-home mothers, and exclusive members’ clubs.

I am proud of all my characters in Africa’s Billionaire Heirs Series. Read on, find entertainment in each chapter, while you learn how the Broaders family embraces change, sometimes in unusual ways.

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Book 1

A Story of change, where education, culture, ambition, and lover are intertwined

Richie is the son of a billionaire. Sophia is the daughter of a livestock trader.

He wants to marry her, but all she wants is to focus on her PA duties, earn money to lift her family out of poverty. To Sophia, romance and marriage will derail her from her work goal.

Richie is not just any employee, but the younger brother to Sophia’s boss and the son of the proprietor of the company.

Can Richie win her heart? 

That’s not Sophia’s only challenge. Marko, her father, summons her to the village to get married to a local school teacher. Can she object without straining existing family relations?

What does she say when her father is this adamant?

Marko talked, in a voice different from the last one. This time round he did not sound quarrelsome. “Have you considered the proposal from Teacher Cleophas, he is not a bad man. A teacher, sure to provide stability, as always.

...And with a teacher, comes a lot of reassurance, that your children will get an education, and some extra coaching from home. Have you considered that?”

...But if the teacher is no longer part of your new elevated life, I will go...Though that one should not enter your head. The US must be a faraway place. Stick with the teacher.”

Click her to know what Sophia chose. Can she live with the reality and consequences of her choices?


Book 2

A story of change, where education, culture, ambition, and love are intertwined  

Richie is a manager in the Finance Department. Sophia is a Personal Assistant, aspiring for higher positions in the Marketing Department.

He wants her to resign and stay home to raise a family. She prefers to work for her money.

Can a professional woman stay at home if her husband earns a fat cheque every month? Richie decided to answer the question, and there are consequences.

 When it comes to making decisions and choices, Richie Broaders has always stepped out of the ways of his family.

At the age of 12, he chose not to swipe his black Amex card, while his brothers and cousins did the opposite. At 18, he opted to acquire his higher education from a local university, while his parents primed to fly him to a prestigious institution in the UK, just like his siblings and cousins.

 After marriage, decision-making takes on a whole new meaning for Richie. Will he convince Sophia to resign from her PA position and stay home to build a family while he becomes the sole bread winner? Sophia’s struggles go beyond resigning from her PA post. How will she make a home while residing with Richie’s parents?

 Be among the first to know how equipped Richie is when it comes to shared decision-making, and if Sophia resigned from her PA position.

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Reveals and informs while entertaining

Grandma again. This time with details on banana harvesting and cooking. Open more pages and learn why the grandchildren must get to Grandma's house before she arrives at theirs. Wouldn't you like to know how Grandma harvests a banana without use of a ladder?

Just like the grandchildren, you must wonder why a mother digs a hole in the kitchen and Biraantina drops in. Flip more pages for details on contents of the faint song, and why the mother of Biraantina and Maasosa does not arrive in the kitchen as fast as their father. 

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Take this! The temperature outside the airport building is +30 Degrees Celsius, so, why must our seven-year-old traveler carry a heavy-warm coat, until they arrive Overseas, wherever that is. Why did the parents spend so much time packing, just to leave precious items behind; including toys full of memories? Why all those unending queues and questions at airports, and what has a TV remote got to do with heaven above the clouds?

You are at the right place, reading a book of answers!

This book presents a fantastic opportunity to be entertained while learning on intricacies involved in migration.

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Grandma has traveled to the City to meet with a new baby, for the very first time.

Suddenly, rules of the house are put aside, mostly by Mum. Open the pages for details on what it means to be family and community. What vegetable agreement the grandchildren make with their grandmother, and gain an understanding of a people's way of life, including the reason the new baby’s head is clean-shaven, before Grandma departs for the village!

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Today, Grandma is sited on a three-legged stool. The grandchildren are all ears from their position on a dry cow-skin. The children do not look happy, because a goat and her two kids interrupted Grandma's narration.
Open more pages for details on pumpkins; from seed preparation to serving. This book presents a fantastic opportunity to join Grandma and laugh with the grandchildren while learning on inter-generational knowledge transfer; all from the comfort of your chair!

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