The Southern Billionaire Romance Series Collection, by Michelle Pennington

Books: The Trouble with Billionaires, The Truth about Billionaires, he Trust of a Billionaire), and A Tree for the Billionaire (Four Clean Billionaire Romances)

Author: Michelle Pennington, 2018

What if you had only two choices, of which only one will lead you to a happy and fulfilled life? Would you choose your current life where you’re in control of your decisions and sweat it out while you implement? Or, would you choose to team-up with a man who’s too full of himself and comes with billions of dollars?

The Southern Billionaire Romance Series Collection comprises four books, where Charlotte (The Trouble with Billionaires), Jill (The Truth about Billionaires), Hannah (The Trust of a Billionaire), and Kate (A Tree for the Billionaire) feature as the women running away from the billionaire men they encounter in their strive to build a life for themselves.

Here’s my take on the books - they are about strong women who would not let men with billions of dollars sweep them off their feet – as it were. The story in each book centers on a journey to a realization that even the men who front as satisfied with a life of power and money lack something, the sincere love of a woman which cannot be bought.

Charlotte, in The Trouble with Billionaires is a single mother after a divorce from a rich man that brought her more pain than the poverty she’s now living in. Will she ever trust another man, worse still Nate the billionaire?

Charlotte’s story left me wondering the extent to which we use our past experience to make future choices? Should human beings handle each case as it comes, or let past experiences influence future choices? Will she ever learn to trust a rich man again?

In, The Truth about Billionaires, Jill’s struggles center around convincing the men in her life, including her father and Blake McDaniel the billionaire she’s consulting for, that she’s as professional as they come. What will it take for Blake to realize that Jill can be a professional in the boardroom and loving at home?

Are you a career woman, to what extent did you succeed in balancing career with family? Read the book to establish how Jill’s story ends, and the questions left unanswered for us to debate.

Hannah’s story in The Trust of a Billionaire took me back to Charlotte’s story on using our past to define our future. Is Hannah holding too much onto the past that she cannot see the bright future right in front of her - the love and confidence she’s building in the child she’s a nanny to, and, the love of the child’s father, Carter the billionaire?

Reading, A Tree for the Billionaire brought a century old question to mind – what does it take for both men and women to balance career and family, do they have to sacrifice one for the other? Christopher and Kate’s career lives are perfect until Kate disrupts the process by wanting to leave her stressful position of a personal assistant.

What type of sacrifices are both willing to make in their careers as the way to achieve some happiness, a sense of fulfillment?

What kept me reading the 753 pages in less than two weeks?

The author got me reflective:

  • What are the different personalities we portray as professionals, and as regular people in need of love?

  • Is it possible for two hardworking individuals to realize a successful and happy marriage without one being willing to sacrifice their career?

  • Reading the book kept me reflective on issues of courtship, parenthood, balancing career and love, and what it takes to let another human being know that we love them.

Michelle’s writing style filled with suspense held my attention as I read each book in the series. The author provided enough character descriptions and background information to help me form vivid images of each character. Lost in a new world, I was able to chase after each character to learn how they would handle the next challenge thrown their way.

I recommend the books to anyone in a relationship or those struggling with choices of a marriage partner. Charlotte and Hannah’s stories will guide you to review any past experiences holding you back, while the stories of Jill and Kate will throw some light and lots of truth on what it takes for a couple to achieve a balance between enhancing their careers and their desire to raise a family.

Though there were a few sections that lagged in A Tree for the Billionaire, I still give five stars to each of the four books. Michelle communicated such a delicate matter of love, career and family in a way that kept me opening each of the 753 pages, and I still want to read more.

Have you read any of the four titles, what message intrigued you most?

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