Are authors born or made?

What factors have propelled some Indie authors, from writers into creative entrepreneurs? 

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As a writer, I have read many publications and listened to audio recordings on independent (indie) publishing. In the process, I have acquired knowledge and ideas on what it takes to be published. And, the conditions necessary for one to make a living out of their writing. 

The learning is not a onetime venture, but a continuous process. Below are some of the emerging themes, necessary factors that I will elaborate on in future posts.   

  • Write, write, and write – how does one write, overcome procrastination, writers' block, and more?  
  • Goals – If writing is a business, do writers need to develop goals and strategies for the business?
  • Branding – the world of today’s writer is a crowded space; what does one do to stand out, attract readers to their creative products?
  • Accountability – writing can be a solidary venture, how do indie writers keep writing, marketing, etc., to achieve their goals?
  • Consistence – Writers are very creative people, sometimes with very many ideas to ever write on. How does one narrow down, focus on specific genres? 
  • Marketing – if writing is an avenue through which a writer earns a living, how does one market their books, yet marketing is a profession separate from writing.   
  • Networks – Indie implies that a writer makes independent decisions, and spends most of their time alone, writing. Yet, one needs to connect with the larger public to sell their books. How do writers spend time alone, writing, and make time to connect with the larger public to sell their books?
  • Diversification – to earn enough from writing, indies have diversified their income sources. Other than writing and publishing books (print and e-books), what other income generating avenues have indies expanded into?  

 Which factors are missing from the above list?

In future blogs, I will narrow down to each of the listed factors and draw examples from the indie publishing world to illustrate.  

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