Slowed by a Baby

Can a professional woman be a stay-at-home-mom if her husband is a millionaire?

Sophia and Richie have just flown back from a ten-day honeymoon when Richie asks her to resign from her job. As a son of a billionaire, his wife staying in employment will reflect negatively on his capability to provide for her.

Sophia cannot envision herself out of a job, which would be tantamount to falling back into the poverty she lived in before she was employed. Sophia’s struggles go beyond resigning from her job. How will she make a home when they reside with Richie’s parents?

When Sophia learns she’s pregnant, she decides that staying with her in-laws will provide the comfort she needs to continue going to work.

Will Sophia find a middle-ground on employment and building a family, or will social expectations come in between her decision-making?

Richie chose to answer the question for Sophia, and there are consequences.

Be among the first to know how equipped Richie is when it comes to joint decision-making. Did Sophia resign from her job as practiced by wives in the Broaders family?

Slowed by a Baby is a compelling story of change and adaptation by women in Africa. You will love to read this contemporary women’s fiction with a wholesome romantic twist. A chance to learn what it means to be an educated girl-child or woman in some parts of Africa, expectations from family and society, and struggles to adapt.

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