Ignited by Education

And the chase began

Sophia, daughter of an indebted livestock trader has by sheer luck completed her university education. She now has a detailed life plan, build her career and uplift her family out of poverty. That plan excludes romance and marriage, which she believes distract women from their goals.

Richie crosses Sophia’s path. He not only floods her work desk with flowers but wants to marry her.

Sophia is aware of her employer’s rule on romance between employees, one of them must resign. She is desperate when she learns that Richie is the son of the billionaire owner of the Broaders Group of Companies, her employer. Resigning from her job will be synonymous to falling back into the poverty she was born into but has worked very hard to overcome.

Evading Richie is not Sophia’s only challenge. Marko, her father summons her to the village to get married to Cleophas, a local school teacher. Can she object without straining existing family relations?

Ignited by education is a captivating and inspirational women’s fiction on change and adaptation as Africa embraces education, especially for the girl child. This book details what it means to be an educated and career woman – the nature of expectations from family and society.

This first book in The African Woman Challenge Series provides a new experience - a story of change, where education, culture, ambition and love are intertwined.

Eileen Omosa.Comment