Trending Tomorrow

Life events kick Ronny and Angela out of their comfort zones into a shared world of need. Will they ever find balance when each comes from the opposite end of the social strata?

Ronald Henry Junior has just learned to fit into the huge shoes of his ailing father, as CEO of the Henry Technologies Inc, when tragedy strikes, leaving Ronny with three children to parent. The oldest is eight years old.

While Ronny fumbles through work and grief, Angela, his twenty-three-year-old nanny mothers his children. Angela is determined to keep her job, she has a son to provide for and university fees to save for. Her competence as a nanny frees Ronny to focus on his CEO tasks, until society tells him he needs to marry, again.

Ronny’s sister lines up her single female friends for him to make a choice. His mother-in-law insists that Diana is the best suited to take care of her late sister’s children, and his male friends invite him back to social clubs.

Ronny gets practical, analyzes his situation and prepares a check-list of what he would like in a wife. Friends and family unleash daggers when they learn of who matches his list.

How does Ronny handle the delicate situation without straining existing relationships? Trending Tomorrow is a captivating story of change and adaptation by women in Africa. If you like to read clean and wholesome books on strong women, then you will like this contemporary women’s fiction.

Angela’s struggles represent what it means to be a single mother without an income – the nature of challenges faced and the dangers of doing something different, new.   

 Buy the book to experience a tale of ambition, focus and love. 

Eileen Omosa.Comment