The Choices She Must Make

Does romance derail women from their career goals?

Sophia, a university educated woman has a tight financial plan before she even finds a job. Will she lift her siblings and parents out of poverty when romance crosses her path? 

For generations, women in parts of Africa have been made to believe that romance was a time waster - some man will eventually marry you. 

When Sophia, daughter of a rural livestock trader qualifies to join the national university in Kenya, all she does is study and shun those who engage in romance. She graduated top of her class. Sophia’s focus changes to finding a job, in the process she encounters Richie, her former classmate, son of a billionaire. 

Richie had secretly admired Sophia. His wish was to win her heart and marry her so that she could continue to challenge and intrigue him into more growth in his life. 

Sophia and Richie come from the opposite ends of the social strata.

Sophia’s family just manages to live by. She relied on grants reserved for bright female students to complete her university education. 

Sophia remains poor even after finding a comparatively well-paying job. She can only afford a one-roomed house at a slum in Nairobi. Her salary is very subdivided: pay fees for her sister in university, her younger brothers in secondary school and money to her parents for their basic needs. Is Sophia denying herself some happiness for that of her father’s family, or does she feel fulfilled from helping them? 

Paying school fees for her siblings is not Sophia’s only challenge. Most of her agemates are married or have children, so her parents expect the same out of her. Marko accepts a marriage proposal on behalf of his daughter, from the parents of a local school teacher. Can Sophia abandon her job in the city to be married and reside in the village? 

This book is a perfect read for anyone who has pondered on what it means to be an educated girl or woman in rural Africa – the nature of expectations from family and society. The Choices She Must Make is a captivating and transformational story on change and adaptation as Africa embraces education, especially for the girl child. 

 Sophia’s story reminds us that satisfaction and happiness in life are about the choices we make and the opportunities we grab or let go. 

Can Sophia live with the reality and consequences of her choices?

The Choices She Must Make is the first book in a series of three published books. If you like to read clean and wholesome books on strong women adapting to change, then you will like this book series. 

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