Outside the Family Box

Will Sophia learn to balance her desire for a career with the demands of her married life? 

Societal pressure is building up on Sophia and Richie. Can these two strong-willed partners find a middle-ground, or will they let social expectations come in between their marriage? 

Over generations, men have earned the term “breadwinner,” for being the providers of a livelihood for their families. One would then ask why Sophia does not want to be a stay-at-home-wife, give Richie the support he needs to work harder and provide for the financial needs of his family? 

In the leafy suburbs of Karen in Nairobi, everything is planned to meet society’s expectations over wealthy families. From the private roads, huge dwellings under mature trees, landscaped compounds, a helicopter-landing pad, to a line of motor vehicles with standby chauffeurs.  

No one embodies the lifestyle better than the Broaders family. The sons of this billionaire are groomed for management positions at the family business empire, while wives are free to entertain themselves in whatever that money can pay for. 

Then enters Sophia Marko, a wife to Richie Broaders. He asks her to resign from her job, staying in employment will reflect badly on his capability to provide for his wife.  

Sophia cannot envision herself out of a job, which would be tantamount to falling back into the poverty she lived in before she was employed. 

Can Sophia abandon her life-plan of building a career in the financial sector to be a stay-at-home wife? 

Resigning from her job is not Sophia’s only challenge. How will she build a home when they reside with Richie’s parents in their nine-bedroomed house? 

Outside the Family Box (Book 2 in a series) is a compelling story of change and adaptation by women in Africa. If you've longed to understand issues of education, change and women’s struggles to adapt, you will love to read this contemporary women’s fiction. 

Sophia’s journey explores what it means to be an educated and career woman in some places of modern Africa, the nature of change and at what cost individuals and families are adapting. 

Buy this Book 2 a series to experience a tale of courage, ambition and love. 

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