Grandma Harvests a Banana

Grandma again. In between the entertainment you will learn how and why families and communities maintain strong social relations.

Grandma's family has an annual tradition, sons and their families travel to the village during the month of December. Open more pages and learn why the grandchildren must get to Grandma's house before she arrives at theirs. Wouldn't you like to know how Grandma harvests a banana without use of a ladder; does she climb onto the banana? And the grandchildren get perplexed by the banana leaves in the cooking pot.

The bananas cook very fast. Is it because of use of firewood as a source of energy, or the story Grandma narrates while waiting. Just like the grandchildren, you must wonder why a mother digs a hole in the kitchen and Biraantina drops in. Flip more pages for details of who and why the hole was dug, contents of the faint song with a message, and why the mother of Biraantina and Maasosa does not arrive in the kitchen as fast as their father.

This is a story in a class of its own; reveals, educates and informs while entertaining readers of all ages, from the comfort of a chair.

Eileen Omosa.Comment