Grandma Arrives in the City

What is the role of African cultural practices in the wellbeing of modern families?

Grandma has traveled to the City to meet with a new baby, for the very first time. Suddenly, rules of the house are put aside, mostly by Mum. For example, did Mum forget to give instructions to Grandma on how to hold the fragile baby?

Read on to discover a people's way of life, including indigenous vegetable gardening, food stories, African cooking, community relation-building and sustainability. In-between, learn how the younger and older generations exchange information as Grandma imparts knowledge on African food practices and culture while she learns from her grand children how the family spends leisure time away from the city.

What does it mean to be family and community? Find out what social relations have to do with food in the city,gender and age-related cultural practices and heritage. Want to know why the new baby's head is clean-shaven?

This short story is a great opportunity to join Grandma and laugh with the grandchildren while learning family traditions, all from the comfort of your chair.

Eileen Omosa.Comment