Cooked Pumpkins for a Village

Do you live in city? Are your evenings filled with wishes for short stories that entertain while educating?

In this African short story, Grandma shares details on family relations, pumpkin gardening and cooking. In between, she remains the same old one; loved, loving and with endless and captivating stories.

Today, Grandma is sited on a three-legged stool while her grandchildren are all ears from their position on a dry cow-skin. The children do not look happy, because a goat and her two kids interrupted Grandma's narration.

The sun, now turned into a small yellow-ball has occupied part of the sky to the side of the lake, located to the West side of the village. All the large cooking pots are empty, which means that people of the village are filled with the nutritional goodness of cooked pumpkins.

Open more pages to learn on pumpkin as a health food, the procedures to prepare and grow pumpkin seeds, a people's cultural heritage and identity in food, and how steps towards the achievement of sustainable livelihoods results in a sense of community.

This storybook presents a fantastic opportunity to join Grandma and laugh with the grandchildren while learning on pumpkin gardening and community relationships within an African setting; all from the comfort of your chair!

Eileen Omosa.Comment