Eileen Omosa, PhD

I am an Environmental Sociologist proficient in stakeholder engagement, qualitative research, land tenure and rights, and food security. I started my career in the environment and development sector in the 1990s and have since acquired immense skills through work endeavours within research, academic and non-profit sectors in Canada and countries of Africa. Over the years, I have advanced my expertise in the following specialties: 


Navigation of the development arena in Africa, Canada, and internationally.

Design and implementation of research projects, analysis and transfer of knowledge.

Capacity building on the management of natural-resources based conflicts.

Stakeholder analysis, engagement, and impact analysis.

Initiation and coordination of multi-level networks for projects and relation-building.

Ability to work well independently and within multi-disciplinary teams.

Proficient in four languages.

I have demonstrated my expertise through work endeavours in the development sector, which have resulted in more resilient communities leading sustainable livelihoods.