I am an Environmental Sociologist proficient in research, communication and leadership, seeking to collaborate with futuristic organizations and individuals in the fields of stakeholder relations, integrated resource management, and research, development of learning resources and capacity building. I have vast experience from the health and environment sectors in Canada and countries of Africa.


Knowledge of the development arena in Canada, Africa and internationally

Technical expertise in natural resources tenure, migration and health, stakeholder analysis, and community engagement

Proven ability to design and implement research, analyze, interpret findings, and communicate findings effectively in oral and written forms

Ability to work well independently and with multidisciplinary teams from diverse cultures

Result-oriented with strong leadership, interpersonal and relationship building skills

Proficient in languages: English, Kiswahili, Kisii, and basic French

I intricately combine my outstanding abilities into innovative strategies for social-economic well-being. I have demonstrated my expertise through work endeavours in the development sector, which have resulted in more resilient communities leading sustainable livelihoods.