Eileen Omosa, PhD

Dr. Eileen Omosa is a Development Sociologist consulting internationally on land tenure and rights, gender and food security, stakeholder engagement, and capacity building on collaborative natural resources management. She currently consults at WeGrowIdeas.net. Eileen holds a PhD in Rural and Environmental Sociology from the University of Alberta, Canada, A Master of Arts in Development Studies from the University of Nairobi (UoN), a Post-Graduate Diploma in Mass Communication (UoN), and a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Anthropology (UoN), Kenya. Eileen has extensive knowledge and skills gained from 15 plus years of career endeavours in Africa and Canada.


  • Navigation of the development arena in Kenya, Canada, Africa and internationally.
  • Design and implementation of research projects, analysis, and transfer of knowledge.
  • Capacity building on the management of natural-resources based conflicts.
  • Stakeholder analysis and engagement for the implementation of collaborative projects.
  • Initiation and coordination of multilevel stakeholder networks for projects and relation building.
  • Ability to work well independently and within multidisciplinary teams.
  • Proficient in languages.


Prior to the formation of We Grow Ideas, Eileen worked as a researcher at the University of Alberta, implementing research projects on newcomer transitioning into the Canadian environment, developed on-line learning resources on cultural sensitivity and competence in the provision of healthcare, researched on inter-dependencies among government, the private sector and community organizations in Alberta, and retrieved archival documents and mapped the information on historical migratory routes into a coherent land use document.

Before moving to Canada to pursue her doctoral studies, Eileen worked at SNV, Kenya as Advisor, Conflict Management and Peace Building among neighbouring communities in Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, and South Sudan. She initiated and facilitated cross-border networks on shared natural resources, researched and developed evidence-based learning resources and trained stakeholders on natural resources tenure, and on the identification and management of conflicts and peace building  processes. She also facilitated school-essay writing competitions on conflict and development which resulted in a publication. 

Eileen worked at the Forest Action Network as Network Coordinator where she successfully facilitated the Eastern and Southern Africa Network of then FAO coordinated Forests, Trees and People Programme (FTPP), supervised project managers implementing projects on land tenure, farmer-initiated research and extension, gender mainstreaming, forestry and food security, policy formulation processes, and information dissemination. Eileen has consulted on many projects including as a member of a team of experts which developed a USAID Trainer's Kit on Conflict Prevention, Mitigation & Response for the Greater Horn of Africa, and a consultant for IIED and WBCSD (UK), and co-authored a book on Mining, Biodiversity and Protected Areas.

Over the years, Eileen has learned to spare time from her busy schedule and engage in other creative  activities  including; travel, meet and learn from others, singing, reading, cooking, and volunteering to relevant endeavours. She tweets and blogs on food and more.