I am a Natural Resources Management specialist with 10 plus years' of experience gained from working and learning with rural communities, policy makers, the private sector, and learning and training institutions in Canada and countries of Africa. I have demonstrated expertise by intricately combining my outstanding abilities into innovative strategies for social-economic well-being.

I continue to work in the following thematic areas:

A)  Land Tenure and Property Rights on Land

  • Strengthening the capacity of land-dependent communities to achieve tenure security under  customary or formalized land tenure.

B)  Conflict Transformation and Peace Building

  • Identification and management of natural resources-based conflicts.

C) Policy Formulation, Analysis and Implementation

  • The how and when of stakeholder participation in policy formulation processes.
  • Policy analysis and repackaging for different sectors of a population.
  • Development of communication materials for lobbying and advocacy.

D)  Stakeholder Empowerment

  • Gender analysis and integration into development projects.
  • Stakeholder analysis for inclusiveness.
  • Analysis of linkages - natural resources tenure, management and sustainable livelihoods.

E)  Project Planning and Implementation

  • Design, social impact assessment, monitoring and evaluation.