Eileen Omosa, PhD

A  Development Sociologist consulting locally and internationally on #landrights, #place attachment, #acculturation, and #foodsecurity. I currently work as a Social Researcher and Data Analyst with a special focus on people whose food choices and land tenure have changed, partly because they moved away from the place called "home" - immigrants and newcomers. I apply a variety of participatory research methods to explore, analyze and describe who these land holders, immigrants and newcomers are in relation to: their past experience, how they create meaning, interpret and engage amongst themselves, with government agencies, academia, the profit and non-profit sectors; factors which subsequently determine their livelihood strategies and social-economic well-being. My research and discussions are around the concepts of social change, culture, identity and place attachment. A combination of my academic training, hands-on experience, curiosity, self-discipline, and skills gained from 20 plus years of career endeavours in Africa, Canada and internationally have shaped me into an adept researcher. I am proficient in languages and work well independently and as a member of multicultural and multidisciplinary teams.

When not out implementing tasks on behalf of clients, find me at one of these places: with a start-up sharing ideas on context-specific research strategies, reading something on property rights on land, in my kitchen cooking ethnocultural foods, digitally documenting the how-to steps while listening to music; country and lingua franca, or completing "that" blog post.

For details: Contact me via my website page, or LinkedIn, or www.wegrowideas.net or @iLeenGreen Until then, thank you!