Eileen Omosa, PhD

I am a  Development Sociologist consulting locally and internationally on gender, household decision-making, land rights, food security, and newcomer identity and place attachment. I currently work as a Social Science Researcher and Trainer with a special focus on people whose food choices and land tenure have changed, partly because they moved away from the place called "home." I apply a variety of participatory research methods to explore, analyze and describe who these land holders, immigrants and newcomers are in relation to: their past experience, how they create meaning, interpret and engage amongst themselves, with government agencies, academia, the profit and non-profit sectors; factors which subsequently determine their livelihood strategies and social-economic well-being.
A combination of my academic training, hands-on experience, and skills gained from 20 plus years of career endeavours in Africa, Canada and internationally have shaped me into an adept researcher. I am proficient in languages and work well independently and as a member of multicultural and multidisciplinary teams.

I hold a PhD in Rural and Environmental Sociology from the University of Alberta, Canada, A Master of Arts in Development Studies, a Post-Graduate Diploma in Mass Communication, and a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Anthropology (UoN), Kenya.

Skills and Accomplishments

Researcher and Trainer, We Grow Ideas, 2014 to date

  • Interview and document Experiences of African Immigrants to Edmonton.
  • Report on Community Kitchens; bridging cultural ethnic cooking with Canadian food options.
  • Publisher and distributor of a newsletter “Unveiling Our Food Story”
  • Facilitator of public dialogue on land rights, gender, identity, place attachment, and food security.

Researcher and Data Analyst, University of Alberta, May 2006 - July 2015

  • Ethnicity and Health Collaborative Research Program
  • Goat and Root Crop Project, Tanzania
  • City-Region Studies Centre
  • Métis Archival Project    

Adviser, Conflict Management and Peace Building, SNV, 2003-2004                                                          

  • Initiated and facilitated cross-border networks on shared natural resources for neighbouring communities in Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, and South Sudan.
  • Researched, developed evidence-based learning resources and trained stakeholders on gender, resource tenure, and identification and management of natural-resources based conflicts.

Network Coordinator, Forest Action Network, 1995-2003                                                                                  

  • Successfully facilitated the Eastern and Southern Africa Network of the FAO coordinated Forests, Trees and People Program (FTPP).
  • Supervised project managers implementing projects on land tenure, farmer-initiated research, gender, forestry and food security, and policy formulation processes.
  • Edited and published the organization's newsletter, and coordinated the recording and airing of radio programs on collaborative natural resources management. 

Information Officer, KENGO, 1991-1994                                

  • Researched, wrote articles and published the organization's newsletter. 
  • Prepared public-engagement resources for the organization's director and managers.


  • Community identity and social inclusion consultant, University of Athabasca project on “Achievable Sustainability Options for Resource-Based Communities for Grande Cache and Hinton.” Researched, prepared and presented a paper.
  • Natural resources consultant in a team which developed and tested a USAID Trainer's Kit on Conflict Prevention, Mitigation and Response for the Greater Horn of Africa.
  •  Consultant for IIED and WBCSD (UK). Co-authored a book on Mining, Biodiversity and Protected Areas.


  • Listening to music and singing; sometimes off-tune.
  • Travelling to interact and learn from `the other’. 
  • Cooking known and newly discovered foods.
  • Blogging on sociological issues in relation to land tenure, land rights and household food security.

For details: Contact me via my website page, or LinkedIn, or www.wegrowideas.net or @iLeenGreen Until then, thank you!